Many thousands of years ago, the first Americans crossed a land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, entering the New World through an ice free corridor between two large ice sheets that covered Canada at that time. The extreme cold weather made life very hard for these early people, but they plodded wearily along. One of the young hunters in the group, along with his companion, decided to push on ahead further south, hoping to find warmer climes. This particular hunter so detested the cold, that his fellow travelers had dubbed him ”FrioMan”, in jest. Many moons passed as FrioMan and his companion steadily trekked south. It seemed as though they would never find their way out of the deep snow, and the endless mountains of ice. Late one sunny afternoon, the pair crossed over a cedar filled ridge, and stood in awe of the splendor before them.


Below was a crystal clear waterway cascading and bubbling across limestone and flint cobbles, its banks lined with ancient cypress trees. Wild game was abundant, with a permanent water source, and shelter was readily available. But most important to FrioMan, he was warm, and knew that they had finally reached their destination. His partner, being the wise woman she was, decided to name the cool stream the Frio River, which pleased him greatly. They have never left the canyon.


Although this may not be exactly correct historically, there is no question that the Frio River in Concan, Texas is one of the most beautiful destinations for visitors to the Texas Hill Country. After all these years, some things never change.

Once you come here to relax, tube, swim, or whatever is your leisure, you can’t wait to get back. FrioMan, being the pioneer he is, is still welcoming visitors to the Frio Canyon that he discovered so long ago. So, hop in whatever gets you here the quickest, and stay awhile. A vacation to the Frio River is unlike any you will ever take!